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A Bibliography of Iranian Textile and Fabrics A Review of Persian Books Related To Fabrics and Textiles (6752 Downloads)
Recurring Themes in Author's Subconscious A Look at a Collection of Short Stories: The Wrong People by Shiva Moghanlou (1287 Downloads)
Critique of Novel/ A review and analysis of two novels: Nation of Love and Kimiakhatoon with an approach to Rumi's life, Aida Chahragani (1036 Downloads)
Article Abs tracts in English (798 Downloads)
کتاب شناسی /کتاب شناسی نقد و نظریه ادبی (1) (730 Downloads)
List of Contents (723 Downloads)
English Table of Contents (696 Downloads)
A Dialogue of Two Books on Film and Philosophy Mehrdad Pourelm (663 Downloads)
چند نکته در شعر خاقانی (640 Downloads)
معرفی کتاب/ تصوف: تاریخ نوین/ مریم مشرّف (614 Downloads)
نقد تصحیح دیوان حکیم سنایی (612 Downloads)
نگاهی به دیوان کبیر، کلیات شمس تبریزی (605 Downloads)
Oral Criticism/ A Review and analysis of A Critical Pragmatic Research on Literary Schools Maryam Hosseini, Abolfazl Horri and Issa Aman Khani. (601 Downloads)
Bibliography of Literary Schools (596 Downloads)
صفحه شناسنامه انگلیسی (595 Downloads)
صفحه شناسنامه انگلیسی (587 Downloads)
نقد آیین نگارش و ویرایش 2 (575 Downloads)
برگ اشتراک مجله (571 Downloads)
فهرست مطالب به انگلیسی (563 Downloads)
Alternate Self, The Immortal Self: A Critique on The Double, a Psychoanalytic Study by Nasrin Shakibi Momtaz (552 Downloads)
Critique of Research Book (Literature)/A review of A Selection of Saeb's Ghazals and Other Hendi Style Poets: Hussein Etihadi (551 Downloads)
شناسنامه انگلیسی (540 Downloads)
فهرست انگلیسی (536 Downloads)
Bibliography/Bibliography of Geometric Motifs in Islamic Art: Geometric Motifs in the Mirror of Written Sources from Past to Present, Parvin Babaei and Somayeh Zadamiri (522 Downloads)
ترجمه انگلیسی چکیده مقالات (519 Downloads)
Bibliography/Bibliography of Literary Theory and Criticism (2) (517 Downloads)
The Necessity for Reconsideration of Arabic Novel Translations A critique of Symphony of Destiny (510 Downloads)
Iconology: Method or S tructure: A Review of Meaning in Visual Arts, by Erwin Panofsky, Jamal Arab-Zadeh. (504 Downloads)
Bibliography/Mythology (501 Downloads)
Photographical Orientalism An Introduction and review of Oriental Camera; a book by Ali Behdad (497 Downloads)
شناسنامه انگلیسی (487 Downloads)
Passing through the Fog: A Review of the religion of the peacock Angel: the yezidis and their Spirit world, by Garnik Asatrian and victoria Arakelova, Zahra Ameri. (479 Downloads)
شعر نو در ترازو (476 Downloads)
چاپی شتابزده از متنی مهم (475 Downloads)
Critique of Script-Correction/ This Is Not the Way of the Wise: A Review of the New Correction of Manouchehri’s Book of Poems, Yasser Dalvand. (467 Downloads)
Critique of Critiques/An Answer to Domesticated Magic: A Critique of the Domestication of Magical Realism in Iran, Mohsen Hanif (465 Downloads)
Critique of Research Books (Art)/ Iranian Textiles In other words ...: A Review of Two Translations of Iranian Textiles by Banafshe Moghaddam (463 Downloads)
A Book on Therapeutic Storytelling A review of The Interpretation of Fairy Tales and Anima and Animus in Fairy Tales (462 Downloads)
Translated Review/ A critique of the correction and printing of Tadhkar-e Aftab-e Alamtab, by Aref Noshahi and translated by Shiva Amirhodai (458 Downloads)
از رنج تا شکنج (456 Downloads)
- Wellbeing of the Mind, a Matter of Culture: A Critique of Arabic Lexicons and Expressions in Shahnameh, Houshang Mohammadi Afshar. (454 Downloads)
Texts of Mysticism as Depicted in The Encyclopedia of Islamic Mystical Works A Review of The Encyclopedia of Islamic Mystical Works (452 Downloads)
Image of the People: A Review of Image of the People: Gus tave Courbet and the 1848 Revolution by Timothy Clark, Mohammad Reza Moridi. (450 Downloads)
Oral Criticism/Review of Iranian Literature in Qajar Period, by Mahvash Vaheddoost, Nasrin Faghih Malek Marzban, Mahmoud Bashiri and Isa AmanKhani (448 Downloads)
Introducing New Books/ Text and Image in Medieval Persion Art, by Sheila Blair, Mohammad Javad Ahmadi Nia. (446 Downloads)
زبان مردم تهران (444 Downloads)
Oral Criticism/A Review of the Book of Cultural Discourses and Iranian Art Trends: A Study in the Sociology of Contemporary Iranian Painting/ Mohammad Reza Moridi, Parisa Shadghazvini, and Behnam Kamrani (443 Downloads)
Critique of Research Book (Literature)/ A look at the book Psycho-mythology: The Culture of Mythical Neuroticism: Nasrin Shakibi Momtaz (442 Downloads)
Reviews on Translations/ The Dream of Serenity in War Nightmares: A Review and Criticism of Beirut's Nightmares: a Novel: Fatemeh Movahedi Mohassel Tussi (440 Downloads)
Review of Reviews/ ‘Tis Truth not Imagination: A Response to "Sometimes a Desire for Truth, Sometimes Imagination: A Critique on the Book Kimia, The Child of Mowlana’s Household": Gholamreza Khaki (438 Downloads)
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